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The most popular instrument in the world, the electric guitar is nevertheless a recent instrument in the history of music. Its appearance dates from 1928. But it is rather in the 1950s that it becomes unavoidable for some musicians.

Electric Guitars

What is an electric guitar?

It can already be defined in opposition to the dry guitar or unamplified classical guitar because the electric guitar is nothing less than a guitar to which we have added magnetic pickups that turn the vibration of the strings into an electric sound signal that is then retransmitted by an amplifier. Do not confuse electro-acoustic guitar and electric guitar, it is two very different guitars.

The craze for this type of guitar comes from the fact that guitarists had trouble being heard when they played in large ensembles. Then it’s the sustain side (long sound) and particular stamp that seduced them. The other interest of the electric guitar is to be able to modify the timbre of the instrument thanks to various effects. You need the best option from now.

How to choose a suitable electric guitar?

If experienced guitarists know immediately which guitar will match their expectations, it’s not so easy for beginners or those who want to change their style of music.

Even if the ideal, as with any musical instrument, is to try and test it, it is not too obvious nowadays. Here are some techniques that will allow you to get an idea about the guitar that suits you:

Set your level of play

The level of the guitarist is an important criterion in the choice of his guitar. Indeed, a guitar with several thousand euros for a beginner is not useful because it will not manage to exploit all its potential. On the contrary, a guitar too cheap can disgust music because it will be less easily playable. It is necessary to find a happy medium.

The musical style

This is probably the most important criterion. Indeed, do you think it will be easy to play metal with a classical guitar and flamenco with Jimi Hendrix’s guitar? The choice will be easy if you are a follower of a particular style, but it will be a little harder if you want to play a bit of everything, which is often the case for beginners. They will have to try to find a versatile guitar that can adapt to most styles.

You will find below the great families of electric guitars with the musicians who represent them best.

The budget

This is often the problem. On this point, everyone is not housed in the same sign: between the gifted who has no budget and the beginner who spends without counting, each case is different. For the most broke of you, know that it is not the best of the instruments that make the good musician. In addition, there are in each family of electric guitars, instruments at a very good value for money that have been proven. Tip: Look at e-commerce sites specialized in music, notation and comments given by guitarists are often very good advice.